Dr. Richard A. Hesse

Richard A. Hesse, MS, PhD Professor
Director of Diagnostic Virology

My service, research and teaching responsibilities are closely interlinked.  As Director of Diagnostic Virology, I have the opportunity to isolate, identify and characterize emerging and re-emerging viral disease agents.  Establishing ties with fellow scientists is integral to conducting research directed toward understanding the pathogenesis of diseases and developing innovative tools for rapid diagnosis.

Additional collaboration with field veterinarians, producers and researchers fosters the development of efficacious vaccines, management control strategies and scientific publications.  In the teaching environment I am further able to serve the community and university by sharing my knowledge and experience with viral diseases and vaccines.

Providing classroom instruction for veterinary and graduate students, workshops and seminars with field veterinarians and producers and noteworthy presentations at scientific meetings are all dynamic elements of my teaching responsibilities at KSU.