Dr. Kim Stackhouse

Kim Stackhouse, PhD
Director of Sustainability Research
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association


Kim is the Director of Sustainability Research at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.  She is a native Californian and received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis in September of 2011 where she focused on the area of sustainability in the cattle industry. She was a member of the Frank Mitloehner lab and worked in the areas of air quality, greenhouse gases, and carbon footprint from livestock. More specifically she worked on mitigating gaseous emissions through improved production efficiencies with both field and modeling experiments.  In the field, she studied the effects of technology on greenhouse gas, volatile organic compound, and ammonia emissions from feedlot steers. She also worked with a whole system model to determine the carbon footprint of the CA beef industry and focused on understanding the implication of technology supplementation on the overall carbon footprint of the CA beef industry. Most recently, she was postdoctoral fellow with the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University where she provided oversight in the areas of statistical design, animal behavioral measurement techniques and animal welfare for 14 graduate students in the Beef Cattle Institute program.

In her short career she has published 9 peer reviewed manuscripts and has given over 20 invited talks. She was also awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award by the chancellor at UC Davis, an award that is given on behalf of student nomination. Kim grew up on a small sheep and cattle ranch in Northern California and her passion is to preserve animal agriculture production by minimizing its environmental impact and making it a part of the environmental solution.