Dr. Dee Griffin

Dee Griffin, an “Okie” raised on a small cow/calf operation, has focused his entire professional career on cattle. After completing his veterinary degree from Oklahoma State University, he did his graduate work at Purdue University in pathology and nutrition.Most of his career has been spent full-time in the cattle industry. He was the staff veterinarian for Hitch Enterprises, a family owned operation that had 1,200 cows, as many as 20,000 stockers, over 250,000 feeder cattle, and two packing plants. He has worked with the BQA program since its inception, when Hitch became the first USDA-Verified Control Production beef operation. Today he is a Professor at the University of Nebraska in the Veterinary and Biomedical Science Department, teaching at the Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center. His emphasis area is developing pre-harvest HACCP (Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points) production practices.
Dr. Dee Griffin has been a BQA Certified Trainer in Nebraska and served on Nebraska’s BQA Advisory Board since the program’s inception in 1987. He started the first “Train the Trainer” sessions in Nebraska and has traveled from one end of the state to the other educating BQA Trainers. Dee has single-handedly trained 250 BQA Trainers in Nebraska and has personally certified over 1,000 producers.
In the early 1980s, the beef industry realized a need for Beef Quality Assurance. Dr. Griffin was one of the pioneers that helped that idea become a reality. Dr. Griffin volunteered his time and resources to help develop the BQA standards and program. Dr. Griffin never gave up, and to this day he continues to help educate, advise and promote Beef Quality Assurance.