Dr. Darrell W. Trampel

Poultry Diagnostician
Vet Extension, Professor
Iowa State University
Extension Veterinarian and Poultry Diagnostician, Diseases of Chickens, Turkeys, Gamebirds, Surveillance for Avian Influenza
The poultry extension veterinarian (Dr. Darrell Trampel) serves the nation’s largest egg industry in addition to the turkey, broiler, and game bird industries. He responds to poultry health questions raised by producers and veterinarians, serves as a liaison between the College of Veterinary Medicine and Iowa poultry organizations (Iowa Poultry AssociationIowa Turkey Federation and National Poultry Improvement Plan) and conducts educational programs for poultry producers and members of allied industries. Constituents range from small backyard hobby flock owners to multinational corporations. Answers to hundreds of questions from the public are provided each year via telephone and email and interviews are frequently provided to newspapers, radio, and television media.  In addition, Dr. Trampel teaches a course on Poultry Medicine and Disease Prevention to professional and graduate students during spring semester of even numbered years.
Dr. Trampel concurrently serves as the poultry diagnostician in the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, conducts applied research on problems of interest to the poultry industry, and serves as a consultant to the State Veterinarian in establishing rules and regulations governing the control and eradication of poultry diseases in Iowa. In response to requests from the poultry industry, statewide monitoring programs for avian influenza and Salmonella enteritidis have been developed and are ongoing.
Professional practice activities include serving as a pathologist for 250-300 poultry diagnostic cases each year that require necropsy and/or microscopic examination of tissues. Laying hens, turkeys, broiler chickens, quail, partridge, pheasants and assorted other birds are submitted to Iowa State University for diagnostic assistance. Annual financial benefits accruing to the poultry industry resulting from rapid, accurate diagnoses and expert advice on treatment, control, and prevention are estimated to be worth hundreds of thousand dollars.