Dr. Angela Daniels

Dr. Angela Daniels was born in Southeast Iowa and raised on a diversified farm where her family raised beef cattle, hogs, corn and soybeans. She graduated from Iowa State University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Dairy and Animal Science in 1995. She then entered the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University and received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1999.After graduation, Dr. Daniels accepted a position with Dr. C.J. Johanns in his Dairy Production Medicine business. Their clients were spread across the state of Iowa and their services centered on reproduction and record analysis. After a job transfer moved their family to the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle region, she worked with Dr. Dan Kullot in Syracuse, KS as well as the Dalhart Animal Hospital before accepting a Staff Veterinarian position with Seaboard Farms, Inc. During her three years at Seaboard Farms, she was responsible for health of one segment of some 48,000 sows and their down flow production. An area of interest for Dr. Daniels was food safety and she worked on projects involving needle-free injections and Trichinae certification to promote food safety for the company.In 2002, she rejoined the Dalhart Animal Hospital to focus on dairy production medicine for new producers in the Dalhart region. In January of 2004, she and Dr. C. Scanlon Daniels founded Circle H Animal Health LLC where she continued her work in the dairy field.

Dr. Daniels lives in Dalhart, TX with her husband Scanlon and sons Eric, Luke, Judd and Dirk. Her professional interests are in the areas of milk quality, replacement heifer production, food safety, and livestock research.