April 03, 2017

(Dr. Dan Thomson) Hey folks Dr. Dan from DocTalk here. The wildfires that occurred in SW Kansas, the Oklahoma panhandle and west Texas, they affected a lot of people. My guests will be Mark Gardiner, Mark Spare, Dr. Randall Spare and and Kendall Kay, all from the Ashland and Clark County areas. And now we’re going to talk about the rebuilding, we are going to be talking about relief efforts and how you can help. Thanks for joining us today for the show.

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(Dan) Hey there folks and welcome to DocTalk I’m Dr. Dan Thomson here in person is Mark Spare and on the phone and live in person we have Dr. Randal Spare, from Ashland Veterinary Center, Kendall Kay from from the Stockgrowers State Bank in Ashland Kansas and Mark Gardiner from Gardiner Angus Ranch. And on of the things if you can’t get there in and you want to make sure your money’s going to a place that’s going to do some good, as Kendal and I talked earlier, it’s a lot easier to divide up money for ranchers than it is to divide up supplies. While we want to put a load of supplies together or something to that nature, not everybody builds a fence the same way, not everybody has the same terrain, geography, climate, thanks to that nature, soil types. Really, making sure that they get the fencing supplies they want, donating to this Ashland Community Foundation or the KLA Livestock Foundation is really important that we get the word out. While we’re talking about donations, there’s a picture sitting here between Mark Spare and I here on the show today. Mark Gardiner, I’m going to let you visit a little bit about this painting. It’s a painting that was painted by Dr. Eva Gardiner, who is while Dr. Randall Spare is Mark’s day-to-day veterinarian for the operation here at Gardiner Angus, you do have a veterinarian that you have a little bit closer relationship with in your family I assume. (Mark Gardiner) I do. Oftentimes, Dan, I get asked and Randall’s cringing as I say this, that if I’m a veterinarian I’d say, “Well, no I’m not but I slept with one last night.” [Laughter] Dr. Eva Gardner is my absolute best friend but Randall Spare and Kendal Kay are two of my very best friends also. As has been stated very well, we are much better at giving help than we are at receiving it. But all three of us on this call have related with each other and with our friends and neighbors, we’re not good at accepting help but we’re going to need to accept help now. Actually last year, Eva did that drawing and it’s called “A Walk through Henry’s Dream” to raise funds for the Anderson Creek Fire. We were very pleased, Eva was very pleased that that raised quite a bit of funding. Actually, we had Dr. Dan Thomson, who was our speaker for our sale that year and that was presented to him. Dr. Dan had that idea to do that and we went forward and did that, and so we’re going to recreate that. Interestingly enough, Henry took that picture back in 1999. The reality of where that cow and calf were in that drawing, that was all burned up last week. That’s a renewal and when we look at the opportunity we have here to raise funding for people in need, it’s my understanding that we’re going to try to do that again with prints and such. Eva is very talented veterinarian. Everything she does is amazing. We’re going to recreate that and raise funding for the Starbuck Fire and we’re excited that we’re able to do that. All proceeds of this print, so anytime you buy one of these prints all proceeds are going be provided to victims of this wildfire to help replace fences, to replace homes to replace buildings, equipment, cattle losses. All these different things, yes we have some wonderful indemnity programs here in this country that are going to help offset some of the cost but nothing is going to come close providing or rebuilding the whole cost that was lost. Keep everybody strong, keep the faith and understand we are going to get though this, we’re going to rebuild and we appreciate all the help you provided for the folks in Clark County, Ashland,Kansas Oklahoma and West Texas. More DocTalk after these messages.

(Dan) Well, I want to challenge everybody that’s watching the show. If you go to the KLA Foundation website, you can see that you can purchase this print and all proceeds from the print will go to support the KLA Foundation that Kendal Kay just mentioned is one of the foundations that will be providing money for relief for the ranchers and community members in the Ashland and Clark County, and people that were affected by the wildfires in Kansas. As you can see, this is not only a beautiful painting but when it was done by someone who was personally and their family was personally touched by the fire, in a pasture that was burnt during this fire, I believe in fate and a lot of things that when you start to connect the dots on this painting being done last year during the Barber County Fire, the rebirth of the Gardiner Marketing Center and the new marketing center along with the devastation that Mark and his family are suffering from along with a lot of other people in that area, which are some very strong, humble, faith-based people. Please, go and either donate to the Kansas Livestock Association Foundation, donate to the Ashland Community’s Foundation or go on the KLA Foundation website and buy one of these prints. Let’s sell 10,000 of these prints and really do some good for people in the area that are hurting, for rebuilding fences, for rebuilding a community, rebuilding a region and rebuilding an industry. Because these people are the heart and soul of our beef industry. They represent everything that’s good and not only for our beef industry, but as American citizens on a day-to-day basis, we love them. We care about them. We’re excited for the opportunity to move forward but we need your help. This is a great way and it’s a great piece that you can have in your house and understand what you did for the folks. Thanks for watching DocTalk. More after these messages.

(Dan) Any closing comments from you all? (Randall) This doesn’t seem appropriate but at this point in time that’s all we can say is thank you. The support received from afar, it truly is amazing and just gives you a boost in the spirit right now and then each and everyone out there pray for rain. ?(Kendal) A comment I’d like to make is that we appreciate so much and we’re so humbled by the gifting and concern of others and these people that have driven 400 miles with a load of hay and they paid for their own trucking and brought a load of hay down here. The actual hauling cost more than the hay but they want to come and touch somebody that’s been hurt. We so much appreciate that. We’re learning to be gracious recipients of those gifts. The other thing I’d like to communicate is just, in my observation from touching all these people, the sense of otherness of those people that have been hurt by the fire. When we look at nearly half a million acres been burned in over 3,000 momma cows that have perished, not including the calves, the concern for others by those that have been hurt is very unique. Our community, our three counties that have been affected in this will flourish, but we so much appreciate the encouragement of those people around the country that have come along and shouldered our challenge. (Dan) I want to make mention, Mark Gardiner. Mark, I’m sure you have some closing thoughts. (Mark Gardiner) You bet, Dan. I might comment just a bit. When the homesteaders came out here in 1880s, my family homesteaded here in 1885 and many other of the families that are affected by this fire and everybody that’s come since then, we think about the hardships that they went through, the blizzards, the famous blizzard of 1884, all of the droughts and all of the strife and we think about all of those people went through. I often wondered, Dan, if my generation resembled my father’s or my grandfather’s generation. I’m here to say they do. This is our time to step up. This is our opportunity to step up. I’m proud to say that this community, this area have done that marvelously. But to take it to the greater area, of all the people who have shown much concern, and as Randall said, they came running with all that they had and all that they could. This is a good place. This is a good deep community with good people. You mentioned the sale and the cattle. That’s what we do. We love it with all our hearts, but it’s not who we are. What I would suggest is that we have a celebration of the people that have done so many amazing things. These people who will rebuild this community with cattle, with the agriculture economy and we’ll go forward. (Dan) You’re dang right we will. More DocTalk after these messages.

(Dan) We’ve got a good one sitting here next to me, Mark Spare. Mark, do you have any comments here to wrap us up then I’ll take us home. (Mark Spare) Yes. When I think about the stories that came out immediately, certainly, of lives that should have been lost that were saved, I’d like to just take a moment and express our shared faith in our Savior Jesus. There’s a lot of times where the things that we did this last week, the sights that we took in in the aftermath, to not be explained by things that we have here on earth, material things, but rather that we understand that somebody is in control and that has a greater purpose in mind. In that spirit, I’d like to just thank those that have sacrificed. I think of my own wife that sacrificed and took care of our young, Elizabeth, as I came down, my buddy’s wife that took care of his home place while we came down, and those that have allowed their husbands, loved ones, on to the road to take hay that was not going to make their homestead money. We do appreciate the sacrifice and coming out of this, we can see how those families have waited on the line to help us rebuild this community and I cherish that. (Dan) Folks, these are four men that have had a deep impact on my life. There are some of my better friends; we have shared lot of good times. We have shared personal strife. We have shared a lot of different things. For us to have the opportunity to represent a region, to represent the Kansan spirit and a faith-based industry and a faith-based community and county, we appreciate you watching DocTalk. We appreciate all that you have done to help the people of Clark County Southwest Kansas, the Oklahoma Panhandle, west Texas. We hope that we can ask you to continue to give in the spirit of the beef industry, in the spirit of becoming neighbors and come visit us. We want to see you. Thanks for watching DocTalk. I’ll see you down the road.

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