AG etc.

Thursdays is filled with what is going in agriculture and beyond. Included is research segments with the top experts in the state, horse care and welfare, plus a way to share what makes our rural communities in Kansas great…etc. producers and see how these large and small farm businesses produce food and fuel for Kansans and the rest of the world. We’ll get to know these farmers and ranchers and see what their day-to-day lives are like; understand the challenges they face and know what life on a Kansas farm is really like. more

Around Kansas

Wednesdays come along with Deb Goodrich as she shares stories “Around Kansas.” She takes you along the back roads and the main highways to show you the people, places and things that make Kansas a great place to live and work mornings as we celebrate the history, culture and business innovation of the people of Kansas. We’ll take the back roads and the main highways to see the places, meet the people and learn about the events that shape our great state. more

Farm Factor

Tuesdays Jamie Bloom, Kyle Bauer and Duane Toews take inside the headlines of agriculture on Farm Factor. A mix of reports from top industry leaders and researchers that keep Kansas on the cutting edge of Agriculture. Plus see the end each half hour with a fun filled, PlainTalk…Fact or Fiction. more

Doc Talk

Welcome to DocTalk! Every week our host, Dr. Dan Thomson, brings his knowledge of animal agriculture to our viewers as he and his guests discuss current issues facing the animal ag industry. Topics range from food animal welfare and management to animal ag research, carbon-foot printing issues, companion animal health and the many ways American farmers and ranchers keep our food supply safe. more